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Project Description

Shorno Mandir is a Buddhist pagoda at Bandarban in Bangladesh. The Golden Temple is its another name. The temple was built on top of 200 feet high hill.

About Shorno Mandir

Shorno Mandir is the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. It contains the biggest statue of Buddha in this country. The temple is called Kyang in the local language. The Dhatu Jadi is significant for the Theravada Buddhism followers. The temple is vital for the local Marma and Mogh tribal people. They are the dominant ethnic group in Bandarban.

The construction of the temple started in 1995 and completed in the year 2000. You will see a small pond in the temple. The name of the lake is “The Pond of Angles”. You can see the nearby Balagatha and its natural beauties from the temple.

It is 4 kilometers away from Balaghat town. The Mandir is 10 kilometers away from the Bandarban hill town. It remains open for the visitors from 5 PM to 7 Pm. Each visitor has to pay TK 10 to enter the temple. You cannot wear any shorts and shoes inside the temple.

How to Go

You have to reach Bandarban at first. Bandarban is 380 kilometers away from Shahjalal International Airport. It may take 9 hours to reach Bandarban. It is 366 kilometers away from Saidabad bus station. You may need 8 hours and 40 minutes to reach Bandarban. You can avail both AC or regular quality buses.


Hotels and Accommodations

You may consider Hotel Plaza Bandarban or Hotel Hill View for housing. You will get both local and exotic foods in these hotels.

Nearby Tourist Spots

You may visit Boga Lake, Nilgiri Hill Resort, and Nilachol at the same day. They are also very attractive places.

Bandarban is a hilly area. You have to be extra careful in the journey. We hope that the above information will help you in your Bangladesh trip.