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Jaflong Sylhet (জাফলং সিলেট) is a very popular tourist spot for small hills and waterfalls in Bangladesh located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District.

Jaflong Sylhet Bangladesh
Jaflong Sylhet Bangladesh

About Jaflong Sylhet

Jaflong is located on the border between Bangladesh and Indian Meghalaya state. It is on the bank of Mari river coming from the Himalayas. The tourist spot is filled with mountains and rainfalls. The hills of various sizes and waterfalls have made the place fascinating for the visitors. Jaflong is famous for stone collection. You will find a tribe living in Jaflong for thousands of years. The name of the tribe is called Khasi. Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world come here to visit the tourist spot, and they become fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of the site. Tamabil is 5 km from Jaflong. There is an immigration point for the Bangladeshi and Indian citizen. A valid visa is required for cross the border. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya state in India.

:: Tamabil

Tamabil is the border area with India and is 05 km before Jaflong. If you intend to visit Shilong of India then you will have to cross this border by completing your customs formalities. To go to India you require valid Visa.

:: Sripur

Sripur is another beautiful tourist spot where you can see the waterfall with great tide falling form the hills. Besides the  enchanting views of the area, one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border of India. Very Big stones sometimes are coming in this waterfall in Sripur. After completion of visiting Jaflong and Tamabil you must visit Sripur on the way to go back to Sylhet. It’s only 7-8km from Jaflong on the same road to Sylhet a sub road entered into Sripur waterfall. Here you can see the stone collection and orange garden if you go inside Sripur crossing the hills.

:: Jointapur’s Rajbari

Jaintiapur is only 5 km. from Jaflong, a scenic spot amidst tea gardens. At about 35 km. northwest of Sylhet town, linked by rail, road and river is Chhatak, the seat of Assam Bengal Cement Factory, Chhatak is famous for orange garden. After complete Sripur on the way back to Sylhet don’t miss to visit Jointika in Jointapur. Jaintapur was the capital of Jainta Kingdome at 18th century. Jainta Rajbari was the palace of Kings of Jainta, it’s just adjacent of Jainta Bazar. Though the condition of this king’s palace is already damaged enormously but a huge number of tourists visit here due to the historical background of Jainta Kingdom.

A lots of picnic parties goes to Jaintapur forests and also other areas of Jaflong, Sripur and Tamabil to enjoy a full day in the nature. So if you are planning to visit Jaflong you must cover up all these four places at a time and by the evening you come back to Sylhet for your night stay. Generally winter is the best season to visit Jaflong but if you want to enjoy the real beauty of wild waterfall then you should visit Jaflong in Monsoon.

:: Srimongol

Srimongal is the place of tea gardens, hills and forest areas on the hills. Within your eyesight you will find green throughout. Its is famous for the largest tea gardens of world covered by lush green carpet. One can have a look into the spectacular tea processing at Tea Research Institute. Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea every year. Most of the tea estates are in Sremongol.

[Srimongol Tea Garden, Sylhet]

It is called “The land of two leaves and a bud”.It is also called camellia, green carpet or Tea Mountain. There are a lot of tea estates including the largest one in the world. The terraced tea garden, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations from a beautiful landscape. It is known as the tea capital in Bangladesh. Just offer entering into the tea estates the nice smells and green beauty will many kilometers away. There are some hotels in Srimongol where you can stay, but if you can manage to stay in the Tea garden that will give you a different type of memorable experience. For that you will have to take the permission from the owner of any tea state.

Major Attractions of the Spot

Here you will find a collection of wide variety of rolling rocks. The fascinating thing is the crystal clear water of Goyain River. You will be able to see everything including stones, wild animal, and fishes in the river. Besides these, you will be able to get acquainted with the Khasia Tribe’s culture. They are simply amazing. You will find tea, orange and jackfruit gardens. You may also buy some stone showpieces from the nearby Dauki Bazar. In Indian part, there is a hanging bridge. It is a good place for hill tracking.

How to get Jaflong (Transportation)

Jaflong, Sylhet is about 309 kilometers away from Dhaka. It may take up to 6 hours to reach the tourist spot through Dhaka-Sylhet Highway. There are many bus services available from Dhaka that take people to Jaflong. The place is about 60 Km away from Sylhet central town. A traveler can take the bus from Nutan Bridge Bus stand and get down at Miramar Dokan and from there it is walking distance to visit zero points.
One can visit the spot through Train. There are many train services that leave from Kamalapur Railway Station for Sylhet.
If you choose Airways, you will have to land in Sylhet Osmani International Airport. From the airport, you will find buses and jeep services

Accommodation and Food

The place is 60 km far from the town, so tourist can back the city within the day. It is better to take some food. There are many hotels, motels, and restaurants available in Sylhet. You will find all kinds of local and foreign foods in these hotels and restaurants at very low and affordable price. You may consider the following hotels to stay in Sylhet:

Hotel Star Pacific- Dargah Gate, Sylhet
Hotel Supreme and Exotica Restaurant- East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road

Nearby Tourist Spots

You must not miss Ratargul Swamp Forest when you visit Sylhet. You should also pay a visit to Lawachara National Park, one of the national sanctuaries in Bangladesh. The Major of Shahajalal and Shah Amanat are also worth visiting. You will find spiritual peace in these religious tourist spots.

Zero point is the main attraction for the tourist. The traveler can see a bridge there in India. A boat is required to go there.